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Samarium Cobalt Magnets Rare Earth Functional Materials
Aug 23, 2017

Samarium Cobalt Magnets Rare earth functional materials

High-quality samarium cobalt permanent magnet material is the processing of high-quality rare earth permanent magnet components based on the level of magnetic processing technology not only determines the quality of SMM permanent magnet factory products, but also a direct reflection of corporate image magnetic processing production lines, including cutting, grinding , Perforated cleaning surface treatment and quality testing, until the packaging into the library.

      Although NdFeB as a rising star, and the samarium cobalt permanent magnet in the traditional application areas launched a fierce competition, but because of the SmCo permanent magnet Curie temperature of 800 ℃ or more, the maximum applicable to 400 ~ 500 ℃ special occasions, the temperature Coefficient is small, corrosion resistance, good oxidation resistance, magnetic stability and reliable, therefore, the overall advantage is still not reduced year. Especially in the fast-growing information industry and other high-tech fields, SmCo permanent magnet application range is still expanding.

      High-fidelity sound system is entering the homes of ordinary people, high-end microphone hearing aids, pickup micro-speakers and other electro-acoustic devices are inseparable from high-performance samarium drilling permanent magnet In addition, in the traveling wave tube wave tube, klystron, magnetron In microwave microwave equipment, in the microwave millimeter-wave magnetic devices, the samarium cobalt permanent magnet still has an irreplaceable position of the magnetic sensor, the car igniter magnet magnetic locks in the magnet quartz electronic watch in the rotor, magnetic ring robot in the magnetic joints Chemical and environmental protection equipment in the magnetic actuator, etc., SmCo permanent magnet is still a place.

Smurt magnets have broad prospects

      Rare earth materials will be the development of rare earth functional materials with other materials difficult to match the photoelectromagnetic properties, is widely used in electronics, new energy, environmental protection and other emerging areas, commonly used rare earth materials are rare earth luminescent materials, polishing materials, permanent magnetic materials, Hydrogen storage materials and so on. Rare earth functional materials due to its special performance, or will become the focus of the development of new materials industry. With the rapid development of energy-saving lighting and electronic consumer industry, rare earth luminescent materials demand for explosive growth.

With the country officially released out of the incandescent road map, by 2013 China's incandescent production capacity will drop to 1.42 billion, energy-saving lamp production will reach 6 billion, the current energy-saving lamp production 2 times. Rare earth luminescent materials as energy-saving lamps must be the basis for the production of raw materials, the market demand will usher in explosive growth. It is expected that by 2013, the scale of rare earth luminescent materials for energy-saving lamps will reach 8,000 to 10,000 tons, and the annual compound growth rate will reach 21%. Rare earth permanent magnetic materials as the most widely used permanent magnet materials, rare earth new materials accounted for 60% of total consumption. The third generation of permanent magnet materials, samarium cobalt magnet is now the world's best magnetic permanent magnet, but also the most rare consumption of rare earth rare earth material.

The application of high performance samarium cobalt magnet materials includes: new energy and energy saving and environmental protection areas, including wind power, energy saving elevators, energy saving and environmental protection air conditioning, new energy vehicles and other traditional applications (VCM and consumer electronics products). The future With the hybrid cars and energy saving and environmental protection needs of the continuous improvement of energy saving and environmental protection and new energy field will become high-performance samarium cobalt magnet permanent magnet materials, the main application areas. To hybrid cars, for example, the average cost of each hybrid vehicle 5kg high-performance samarium cobalt magnet permanent magnet material, according to this estimate to 2014, China's hybrid car industry demand for high-performance samarium cobalt magnet will reach about 7800 tons The

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