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Samarium Cobalt Magnets Made Of Metal Alloy
Jul 25, 2017

Samarium Cobalt Magnets Made of metal alloy

The samarium cobalt magnet is also called magnetite, and its magnetic field exists in the material around the object, and now there are two types of natural and artificial. Artificial samarium cobalt magnets are usually made of metal alloy, with a strong magnetic. Ferromagnetism refers to the magnetic state of the material, with spontaneous magnetization. Some of the material in the external magnetic field after magnetization, even if the external magnetic field disappears, can still maintain its magnetization and magnetic state, which is spontaneous magnetization. Permanent samarium cobalt magnets also have samarium cobalt magnets or samarium cobalt magnets.

The basic samarium cobalt magnet includes any concept of magnetic material in the case of an external magnetic field. When all the magnetic ions of the magnetic field of the cell are directed in the direction of the magnetic field, it is called the samarium cobalt magnet. If the magnetic field of the magnetic ions only part of the point, known as the samarium cobalt magnet. If the magnetic ions in the direction just offset each other, known as anti-samarium cobalt magnet. The magnetic phenomenon has a critical temperature at which it can occur. For the samarium cobalt magnet and the samarium cobalt permanent magnet material, this temperature is called the Curie temperature; for the anti-samarium cobalt permanent magnet material, this temperature is called the Neil temperature. High-quality samarium cobalt permanent magnet material processing is the foundation for high-quality rare earth permanent magnet elements, magnetic treatment technology not only determine the quality level of SmCo manufacture products, but also a direct reflection of the corporate image, the magnetic treatment production line including cutting, Grinding, polishing, surface cleaning and drilling quality inspection, packaging storage. Although as a comer intense NdFeB, SmCo and compete in the traditional applications, but because the Curie temperature of SmCo permanent magnetic material reaches 800 degrees, the maximum applicable to special occasions of 400 ~ 500 ℃, small temperature coefficient of resistance, Corrosive, resistant to oxidation, stable and reliable, therefore, the comprehensive advantage of magnetic properties is still not diminished that year. Especially in the field of rapid development of high-tech and information industry, the scope of application of SmCo permanent magnet continues to expand.

 Hi-fi system into the homes of ordinary people, high-microphone hearing aid, the miniature loudspeaker, and other audio devices are not without high-performance magnets SmCo, colleagues traveling wave tube, a klystron, magnetron and microwave vacuum electronic devices, microwave Millimeter wave magnetic equipment in the samarium cobalt permanent magnet material still has an irreplaceable position, the car rotor magnet magnetic ignition lock magnet quartz electronic clock in the rotor, in the chemical and environmental protection in magnetic actuators and other equipment of the magnetic ring robot, samarium cobalt Magnetic materials still occupy a place.

SmCo magnets are rare earth permanent magnet of the second generation, a samarium cobalt magnet having a high magnetic energy of the main features, temperature performance, the maximum operating temperature of up to 250 to 350 degrees Celsius, in addition, a samarium cobalt magnet in the presence of a main component of the earth samarium Of the storage capacity is low, so expensive. When the working temperature from room temperature to high temperature temperature changes, the magnetic properties of permanent magnetic materials with the temperature changes as small as possible, so the permanent magnet material, good thermal stability is necessary, the samarium cobalt magnet temperature performance So it is a big advantage.

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