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Permanent Magnets Voltage Specification
Jul 10, 2017

Permanent Magnets Voltage specification

Possible causes of the burning of electromagnetic suckers:

1. Circular dc magnetic suction disc, except for the overvoltage, is the internal coil insulation breakdown. The insulation level that was formed during the process of the insertion is reduced and burned down after a period. Another is that the standard for cutting corners is not in place.

2. The circular electromagnetic sucker is ac or dc, first of all to notice whether it is overpressure, which can easily cause the current to burn or if there is a short-circuit phenomenon. It is not easy to burn the electromagnetic sucker when it is embedded.

3. There is a short circuit or insulation damage in the internal coil of electromagnetic sucker, or the voltage specification is not correct

4. The situation is easy to be seen in water or ground, and the air gap with armature is too large

5. Disk in front of the electronic charge demagnetization apparatus such as protection, even if the user tap into the voltage is too high, also protection on the spot, can only burn rechargeable demagnetization controller to be burned transformer without burning coil electromagnetic chuck?

6. Check the current circuit of the power supply and whether there is any communication.

7. The coil insulation is not good, because the countertop has coolant, or the circuit is defective. The direct current flows through.

8. The position of the workpiece is improper and the magnetic circuit is abnormal. Either the circuit is abnormal, the turn is short.

9. I guess that this sucker is ac, because the current of dc is basically a fixed value, which is determined by the resistance value of the copper wire inside the suction disk. And ac current size not only has something to do with the coil resistance and the air gap size, if in the use of magnetic chuck internal armature movement, or gets stuck, must have kept within the coil current is the largest, due to long time overload current coil temperature, the insulation damage, burn out magnetic chuck.

10. If the magnetic circuit of the core coil of electromagnetically absorbing ac is not closed, the current will be more than three times that of the closing time of the magnetic circuit. It will get hot for a long time.

Magnetic chuck package containing magnetic chuck subject for electrical control cabinet with steel wire cable drum 2 core chuck special cable reel If electric hoist crane is installed with beams running small sports car Strong excitation chuck the advantages of high frequency chuck transient voltages to DC290v delay to the beginning of the work down to a few seconds DC220v can make up 15% of absorb ability and the advantage of high frequency sucker than ordinary chuck for electricity rate of sustained high suction cup can work 24 hours a day, improve work efficiency, the common sucker needs to reduce temperature rise of intermittent work.

Basic principles and conditions of use

1. The basic principle of electromagnet work, to the electromagnet to supply dc power supply and control equipment, strong magnetic field is generated in electromagnet magnetic circuit and the working air gap to be sucked through the shell content produce strong magnetic force and achieve the purpose of handling materials.

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