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Permanent Magnets Rare Metal Doping Other Metals
Aug 08, 2017

Permanent Magnets Rare metal doping other metals

Magnet is known as strong magnets, permanent magnets, professional name: rare earth NdFeB magnets, is China's unique rare metal doping other metal materials made of sintering, made in the magnetic type of magnetic king title, its characteristics: strong magnetic , High performance, can be electroplated (commonly used to control galvanized ZN, nickel-plated NI; also have special requirements, such as gold-plated, silver, plated, etc., according to user requirements to plating), it is made of more than a dozen materials, While the size of the magnetic force by the Chinese Department of key materials by the percentage to produce. Therefore, if it is a professional magnet manufacturers, and customers need to communicate in accordance with the actual requirements of customers, and then to provide the appropriate size of the magnetic force used by customers in order to ensure the normal use of the product.

How can a strong magnet suction be?

The same force magnets suction size is also subject to a lot of external conditions, such as the use of the occasion, temperature, humidity and other factors will continue to lose the strength of long-term strong magnet suction. Installation is also a very important factor. For example: the same size of the powerful magnets, because the brand is different, for the same piece of suction objects are different adsorption capacity. But also the same size of the magnet, we also use the same grades, but the positive suction and side adsorption of the same piece of objects we actually test the suction size is not the same, then explain the vertical installation of vertical adsorption and horizontal installation of horizontal adsorption size Is different. So if you want to understand and buy the right really strong magnet products or need to go to the regular factory to buy, so as to ensure the stability of the material and the correct reference size of the suction.

Counterbore magnets

For a long time to maintain the magnetic properties of strong magnets, the industry has done many years of discussion, due to the use of powerful magnetic products and a wide range of ways, according to conventional use and unconventional use. The force of the powerful magnets in the conventional case is not affected by the outside world and the magnetic force becomes low. For the case of non-conventional use, such as resistance to salt spray corrosion, etc., there is a great damage to the appearance of the magnets, Will be affected by some time, with the passage of time magnetic properties will be generated loss, so in a special environment, to choose in a special environment for the use of raw materials and the appropriate plating protection, in order to ensure permanent magnetic magnet.

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