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Permanent Magnets Permanent Magnet Technology And
Oct 25, 2017

Permanent Magnets Permanent magnet technology and

China's rare earth permanent magnet technology and scale have been developed by leaps and bounds

Rare earth permanent magnetic materials are widely used in electric vehicles, wind power, hard disk drives, nuclear magnetic resonance, satellite, spacecraft, communications, high precision machining equipment and other high-tech industries and areas, is China to cope with fog haze, improve air quality, Key materials for sustainable development.

Rare earth permanent magnet material is the largest area of rare earth in China, accounting for more than 60% of the amount of rare earth in new materials. "The State Council on accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries in the decision", proposed the development of seven strategic emerging industries, these industries are directly or indirectly associated with rare earth permanent magnet materials, which, "rare earth functional materials" is clear Listed in item (6) "new material industry". In recent years, China's rare earth permanent magnet industry technology and scale have made considerable progress. China's rare earth permanent magnet materials production reached 80,000 tons in 2012, more than 85% of the world's total output, becoming the world's largest rare earth permanent magnet materials production base.

The rapid development of rare earth materials industry caused concern about the excessive use of rare earth resources, the national science and technology focus on special rare earth permanent magnet materials expert group of experts, deputy chief engineer of the Iron and Steel Research Institute, rare earth permanent magnet research director Professor Li Wei said: "The rare earth elements in the rare earth resources in the scarcity of different, one of the most lack of heavy rare earth elements, and due to the large number of rare earth permanent magnet materials caused by the relative lack of raw materials neodymium, and many other high abundance of rare earth resources, Such as lanthanum, cerium, etc., due to lack of full use and was idle waste.

Steel Research Institute in the national 863 plan and other projects with the support of the "high-performance sintering rare earth permanent magnet industrialization and application of technology" to carry out a new composite magnet development and related basic research work to explore the characteristics of China's industrial technology , Such as independent research and development of rare earth permanent magnet materials, tissue control technology, low oxygen control technology, the balance of rare earth technology, hot / hot rheological magnet short process, near the end of technology, are in the forefront of the world. New technology to expand the lanthanum, cerium and other high abundance of rare earth elements of the scope of application, reducing the neodymium, dysprosium, terbium and other rare earth elements, can make our country's rare earth resources to be more fully utilized, each year can produce billions of dollars The output value is a successful example of the balance of rare earth resources. The project has passed the acceptance of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Related technology through project cooperation and patent transfer, etc. the main business of radiation industry, driven by rare earth permanent magnet industry development.

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