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NdFeb Magnets Super Magnetic Force
Oct 25, 2017

NdFeb Magnets Super magnetic force

NdFeB magnets have super magnetic force, in many areas have a strong value. But if used improperly will often bring us unexpected trouble. For example, NdFeB magnets can not be close to watches.

So what is the effect of NdFeB magnets on watches and clocks?

NdFeB magnets close to the clock, will make the clock stop turning. First of all, there are parts in the watch called gossamer, gossamer is the most afraid of the magnetic field, the watch near the NdFeB magnet, the inside of the gossamer will be magnetized by NdFeB magnets.

When the gossamer is NdFeB magnetized, the watch will be between the gauze will be bonded, ranging from the accuracy of the image of the watch, while the pendulum. So to avoid direct contact with the clock NdFeB magnet.

It is best to maintain a certain distance, this safe distance is 50CM. Of course, the greater the magnetic force of the magnet, the safety distance should be increased.

Solution: watch gossamer NdFeB magnet magnetization, to find the master of the devil with demagnetization instrument, the watch can return to normal.

In addition, mobile phones, computers, bank cards and other items should not be close to NdFeB magnets, NdFeB magnets strong magnetic field of these items inside the parts will play a magnetization.

What are the NdFeB magnets used on the motor? NdFeB magnets are used on permanent magnet motors. Common permanent magnet motor: permanent magnet DC motor, permanent magnet AC motor permanent magnet DC motor: brush DC motor, brushless motor, stepper motor and other permanent magnet AC motor are: synchronous permanent magnet motor, permanent magnet servo motor According to the movement is also divided into permanent magnet linear motor and permanent magnet rotary motor. Due to the excellent magnetic properties of rare earth permanent magnet materials, it is no longer need to add energy after magnetization can create a strong permanent magnetic field, used to replace the traditional motor excitation field made of rare earth permanent magnet motor is not only efficient, and Simple structure, reliable operation, but also can be small, light weight. (Such as special high efficiency, high speed, high response speed), but also can be made to meet specific operational requirements of the special motor, such as elevator traction motor, motor-specific motor, etc., can be achieved by the traditional electric field motor can not match the high performance The Rare earth permanent magnet motor and power electronics technology and computer control technology combined, but also to improve the performance of motor and transmission system to a new level. So as to improve the performance of the matching equipment and level, the motor industry to adjust the industrial structure of the important direction of development.

Rare earth permanent magnet motor is widely used in almost all areas of aviation, aerospace, defense, equipment manufacturing, industrial and agricultural production and daily life. It includes permanent magnet synchronous motor, permanent magnet generator, DC motor, brushless DC motor, AC permanent magnet servo motor, permanent magnet linear motor, special permanent magnet motor and related control system, covering almost the entire motor industry.

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