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NdFeb Magnets Magnetic To Be Far Stronger Than
Nov 03, 2017

NdFeb Magnets Magnetic to be far stronger than

How to choose suitable magnets for different operating temperatures, reduce costs and improve product quality has always been a problem that plagued many designers. The selected magnets are not resistant to high temperatures and cause problems during use, affecting the quality of the products. Choosing high temperature resistant Magnet, there is no loss of magnet performance, add unnecessary costs to the product? Here we make a simple comparison of NdFeB and SmCo performance under high temperature conditions:

At 150 degrees Celsius, NdFeB is the most powerful magnet, its magnetism is far stronger than other rare earth permanent magnets.

Above 150 degrees Celsius, neodymium magnet magnetic weaker than samarium cobalt.

NdFeB maximum operating temperature is 230 degrees, while SmCo can be a stable job in the 300 to 350 degrees Celsius environment. NdFeB is the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet materials, with small size, light weight and magnetic characteristics, high grade products, high added value, the use of cutting-edge. The advantages of its high energy density make NdFeB permanent magnet materials in the modern industrial and electronic technology has been widely used. NdFeB has now become one of the important materials supporting the modern electronic information industry.

In 1983, the third generation of NdFeB Na-Fe-B came out, the magnetic field strength is ten times more than ordinary magnets, the service life of up to ten years or more, is by far the highest in the world of human magnetism (MGOE) Magnetic materials, known as the "permanent magnet king." Widely used in national defense, aerospace technology, microwave, communications, electronics, health care and other high-tech fields.

First, NdFeB descaling anti-scaling work

Water through the NdFeB high-strength magnetization, the water molecules at the same time the angle and length of the bond deformation, hydrogen bond angle decreased from 105 degrees to about 103 degrees, a series of changes in the physical and chemical properties of water, water activity and solubility greatly Improve the calcium carbonate in the water decomposition in the cooking process to generate lower soft calcium bicarbonate, easy to accumulate in the wall, easily removed by water. In addition the degree of polymerization of water increases, the dissolved solid matter becomes finer particles, the particle refinement, the distance between the two ions is small, not easy to condense on the wall, so as to achieve the effect of descaling.

Second, the history of magnetized water

Magnetism is one of the four basic forces in nature. One of the four great inventions in ancient China is an example of the clever application of magnetism. Ming Dynasty physician Li Shizhen as early as five hundred years ago has found that the magnetically treated water to physical fitness, treatment of various diseases. However, the ancients used the magnetic material is a naturally occurring natural magnet - magnetite, its magnetic properties and modern synthetic magnetic material is very low.

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