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NdFeb Magnets Energy Saving And Environmental Protection
Oct 16, 2017

NdFeb Magnets Energy saving and environmental protection

In the raw material supply and maintain high prices in the case of international NdFeB magnets industry, the future competition is bound to be very fierce and cruel. Market economy is intensifying the test of China's NdFeB magnets industry and various enterprises of the anti-risk ability. <BR> NdFeB magnets competition between enterprises mainly for the technical and economic strength, product quality and market sales competition. Once the rare earth products into the seller's market, access to raw materials to ensure and digest the price factors to improve the ability to resist enterprises is essential to risk factors. <BR> At present, the global market demand for NdFeB magnets has more than 10 billion US dollars, the application market from the electronics industry to broaden to the automotive, home appliances, medical and other industries, with unusually broad space for development and prospects. <BR> China's NdFeB industry with high-quality products and cost advantages in the international market share continues to expand, and now has to occupy the global market share of nearly 80% strength, the world sintered NdFeB magnets industry center. NdFeB as a solar energy and environmental protection industry, is expected in the next 20 to 30 years there will be no better than NdFeB magnets to replace it, in the next 3 to 5 years of compound growth rate will remain at around 20% , And will continue to transfer to China. According to experts predict that by 2010, the global production of NdFeB magnets will exceed 100,000 tons. China's production will exceed 80,000 tons. Nearly twice as much as it is now. Whether it is the original three NdFeB base of the enterprise, or the three major resources of the new NdFeB enterprises will face fierce market competition and severe survival and development challenges. <BR> At present, the world is in a high oil price era, the greenhouse effect of the global climate to increase harsh, energy-saving emission reduction has become all countries must bear the responsibility. With the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol, countries around the world pay more and more attention to environmental protection and energy conservation. And NdFeB is the manufacture of environmentally friendly energy-saving products, one of the main raw materials.

Such as NdFeB in automotive, compressors, wind turbines and other areas of the application will be more extensive, the rise of hybrid cars and automotive electronic system applications will be a substantial increase in the forecast of the automotive industry, the annual growth rate of NdFeB Reaching more than 40%. In the era of increasingly tense energy, the wind energy into electricity is being supported by the policies of governments, wind power is now in Europe has been large-scale implementation in China is still in its infancy. The current 1 MW unit uses NdFeB in about 1 ton, with the rapid growth of wind power industry, NdFeB in the wind turbine in the amount will also increase rapidly. <BR> Recently, the application of NdFeB magnets in magnetic levitation technology is particularly noticeable. Dalian successfully developed the "China 6" light hanging NdFeB magnetic levitation train, the maximum operating speed of up to 536 kilometers per hour, is currently in Dalian City, the construction of a 3 km long permanent magnetic suspension line, which will be China's first neodymium Iron boron permanent magnetic suspension train lines, with completely independent intellectual property rights. Once used in the formal line, the amount of NdFeB magnets will be greatly increased.

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