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Lifting Magnets The Principle Of Lifting The Electromagnet
Jul 25, 2017

Lifting Magnets The principle of lifting the electromagnet

The principle of lifting the electromagnet:

  When the core is inserted inside the solenoid, the core is magnetized by the magnetic field of the solenoid. The magnetized core also becomes a magnet, so that the magnetic properties of the solenoid are greatly enhanced by the superposition of the two magnetic fields. In order to make the lifting magnet more magnetic, usually the core made of hoof. But should pay attention to the hoof core on the opposite side of the coil, while clockwise, the other side must be counterclockwise. If the winding is the same, the magnetization of the two coils to the core will cancel each other, so that the core does not appear magnetic. In addition, the iron core of the lifting iron is made of soft iron and can not be made of steel. Otherwise the magnet once magnetized, will remain long-term magnetic and can not demagnetize, then the strength of the magnetic force can not be used to control the size of the current, and lose the advantages of lifting the electromagnet should be. General lifting electromagnet also has the following:

1, the adsorption capacity of about 1000Kgs-50000Kgs between.

2, for the thickness of the steel plate to lift the lifting of the range of almost 8mm-200mm between.

3, the combination of kits in the use of the machine can be hung on top of the crane beam.

4, the machine is easier to control, automatically attract and release, in operation can be power. Automatic lifting electromagnet in the improvement of loading and unloading and transfer work is very prominent. It is an efficient and safe excellent lifting equipment. In the construction machinery, shipbuilding and other industries has been a very wide range of applications, the use of automatic lifting solenoid operation is very simple, and in the course of running safe and reliable. Can be automatically cycle to complete the suction material, material transfer operation. In addition can also be used with vehicles, cranes, etc., the whole equipment can be combined with multiple devices with each other to cooperate with the application, easy and efficient in the maintenance, is an energy efficient lifting equipment.

Automatic lifting of the magnet on the thickness of the steel plate has a higher demand, the lifting of the latest selection of magnetic materials as a table, you can make its lifting more force to provide a stable magnetic output. First, the electromagnet work, the power supply and control equipment to the electromagnet supply of direct current, lifting magnet internal strong magnetic field, through the shell magnetic field and working air gap on the slag to produce a strong magnetic force to achieve the purpose of transporting materials.

Know how to work there are restrictions on the use of the environment as follows:

1) the location of the altitude of not more than 2000 meters;

2) the surrounding medium temperature: not higher than +60 ℃, not less than -20 ℃;

3) the surrounding working environment without danger and no corrosive gases;

4) relative humidity relative to the ambient air is not greater than 85% (20 ℃);

5) indoor and outdoor can be used.

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