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Lifting Magnets Iron - Carbon Alloy
Sep 23, 2017

Lifting Magnets Iron - carbon alloy

Is the magnet iron?

The magnet is not iron. The theoretical concept of iron is: carbon content of 2.11% - 6.69% iron and carbon alloy.

From the production process, the cost of iron is much lower cost of the magnet, neodymium magnet is a rare earth, this material is more expensive.

In this sense, the magnet it is not iron.

In addition, the magnetite has magnetic properties, the main component of iron oxide. There are a variety of man-made magnets, magnetic is strong artificial neodymium magnets. It is a permanent magnet (powerful magnet)!

NdFeB strong magnet (the original piece of magnet) Many people think that the magnet is iron, the following is the classification of the magnet, hoping to help you answer your questions.

The classification of the magnet too much, I would simply say here:

There are two main categories of magnetic materials:

The first is the permanent magnet material (also known as hard magnetic): the material itself has the characteristics of preservation of magnetic force

The second is soft magnetic (also called electromagnet): the need for external power to produce magnetic force

We are flat that the magnet, generally refers to the permanent magnet material

Permanent magnet material also has two major categories:

The first category is: alloy permanent magnet materials include rare earth permanent magnetic materials (NdFeB Nd2Fe14B), SmCo (SmCo), neodymium nickel cobalt (NdNiCO)

The second category is: ferrite permanent magnet material (Ferrite) according to the production process is divided into: sintered ferrite

(Sintered Ferrite), bonded ferrite (rubber magnetic rubber Magnet), injection ferrite

(Zhusu Ferrite), these three processes according to the different orientation of the magnetic crystal and are divided into isotactic and heterogeneous magnets.

These are the main permanent magnetic materials on the market today, and some are eliminated due to the original or cost of the production process, such as Cu-Ni-Fe (Fe-Ni-Fe), Fe-Co-Mo (Fe-Co-Mo ), Fe-Co-V (iron-cobalt vanadium), MnBi (manganese bismuth), AlMnC (cobalt manganese)

1, rare earth permanent magnet material (NdFeB Nd2Fe14B): According to the production process is divided into the following three

(1), sintered NdFeB magnets (Sintered NdFeB) - (sintered NdFeB permanent magnets by air grinding after smelting, high coercivity, and the

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