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Lifting Magnets Fully Sealed Structure
Jul 10, 2017

Lifting Magnets Fully sealed structure

The forklift truck lifting electromagnetic sucker produced by our company has the following characteristics.

1. Used in metallurgy, mining, machinery, transportation and other conductive magnetic materials.

2. Used as electromagnetic manipulator, holding steel and other conductive magnetic materials.

Key features:

1. Fully sealed structure and good moisture resistance.

2. Optimized by computer, it has a reasonable structure, light weight, high suction power and low energy consumption.

3. The excitation coil is processed by special process, which improves the electrical and mechanical properties of the coil, and the heat resistance of the insulation material reaches C grade and the service life is long.

The rating of normal electromagnet is increased from 50% to 60% in the past, and the efficiency of the electromagnet is increased.

5. High temperature type electromagnet adopts unique thermal insulation method. Its absorbents are raised from 600 degrees Celsius to 700 degrees Celsius, extending the application range of electromagnet.

6. Installation, operation and maintenance are simple. Magnetic chuck

3. Operation precautions

(1) balance. Electromagnetic suckers should be placed above the center of the product and then energized to prevent the splash of light iron.

(2) when lifting, the working current should meet the rating to start lifting.

(3) to land electromagnetic absorption, pay attention to the surroundings and prevent injuries.

(4) when hoisting, it should be noted that there should be no non-conductive magnetic goods between metal products and electromagnetic suckers. Such as wood chips, sandstone etc. Otherwise, it will affect the lifting capacity.

(5) carefully check the parts and parts, and find that the damage should be replaced in time.

(6) in the process of hoisting, special attention should be paid to safety, not on equipment or personnel

Electromagnetic absorption principle is electromagnetic principle. The main thing is to generate magnetic force through its internal coil, through the magnetic panel, which will be exposed to the workpiece on the surface of the panel. Do you know what current is flowing through the inner coil? The magnetic suction disc of milling planer and grinding machine is a direct current, so you know why direct current is used instead of alternating current?

Magnetic chuck if when electricity is an alternating current, current direction will continue to change, then the magnetic chuck the direction of the magnetic field lines will follow change, even for an instant change, also can appear magnetic chuck moment without suction phenomenon, even if the moment there is no suction, processed workpiece will fly out, caused by some accident. If choose the direct current, the current in the same direction, the direction of the suction is consistent, is the workpieces is strong absorption, such production safety, the not easy to happen accident. So we use direct current when we use it. I. product performance and overview

Super powerful permanent-magnetic chuck my company will use the new technology, through the test can completely meet the need of machining center and super strong suction permanent-magnetic chuck grinding machine or the use of milling machine, adopt new technology and the ultra strong acuity 200 n / 2 ㎝ permanent-magnetic chuck suction.

It is suitable for processing of thin plate workpiece with high precision workpiece, mould processing. Widely used in: high precision, high speed machining center, machining center, strong CNC milling machine.

Second, the main parameters

1. The suction 200 n / ㎝ 2 or more

2. The remanence 10% or less.

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