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Gross Profit Margin Increased Galaxy Magnet Expects First-half Net Profit Rose By More Than 35%
Jul 04, 2016

CSI Web news new products with high added value driven, sales profit rises and other factors, bonded area of Al-Fe-leading Galaxy magnet (25.89,0.590,2.33%) (300127) increased net profits in the first half. On June 28, the company released the unaudited first half of 2016 performance forecasts, in January-June this year, the company expects to realize a net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies as 49.6935 million-55.215 million Yuan, an increase of 35%-50%.

Galaxy magnet operating income mainly from bonded NdFeB magnets, SmCo magnets and hot ND-Fe-b magnets, production and management style as "yixiaodingchan", hard drive magnets for the company's traditional markets. Under the influence of macro-economic and technological advances, demand for the company's traditional market has shrunk. Galaxy magnet in recent years for product structure adjustment, increase the motor and magnet for high efficiency energy-saving motors market development, effects appear.

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