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Ferrite Magnets Magnet Resistance Is Good
Aug 31, 2017

Ferrite Magnets Magnet resistance is good

Similarities and Differences of Homogeneous Ferrite and Heterogeneous Ferrite

What is homogeneous ferrite? What is the opposite sex ferrite? I think a lot of friends are not very clear, today Xiaobian and everyone together to explore the same ferrite and the difference between the opposite ferrite.

      What is the difference between isomorphism and heterosexuality of ferrite magnets?

      Ferrite ring

      Magnetic energy product, anisotropy is about three times the isotropic, when produced, the isotropic than the opposite sex is simple.

      How to see from the outside is the same sex or heterosexual ferrite

      Appearance can not see. The isotropic magnetic field is applied at the time of pressing (dry or wet) to align the easy magnetization axes of the magnetic powder.

     What is the number of homogeneous ferrite surfaces How much Gaussian can ferrite reach?

      Homosexuality is less than 900 gauss, the opposite sex is greater than 900 gauss.

      What are the grades of homogeneous ferrite What are the grades of the opposite sex?

      Y8T, Y10T for the same, Y25, Y30, Y30BH for the opposite sex.

      Usually, most of the same sex is molded, that is, the disc, the most obvious place is the circle around the R angle, more smooth.

      The opposite ferrite is usually cut, referring to the block.

     What is the tolerance of isomeric ferrite and heterosexual ferrite?

      Molded: length and width tolerance ± 0.02 Thickness ± 0.1 (in mm)

      Cutting: length and width tolerance ± 0.15 thickness ± 0.1 (unit mm)

Ferrite magnet resistance is good: ordinary magnet in the air will continue to demagnetize, degaussing. Ferrite magnets to rare elements, which itself has a high coercivity, in the natural environment and under normal circumstances, simply can not affect its magnetic force to ensure the stability of the magnetic force. In the exposed magnets is different, the surface of the ferrite magnet plating can be a good guarantee that the magnet from acid and other substances corrosion.

Precision fine: ferrite magnets have a good meticulous, whether it is the size of the tolerance or performance magnetic values, there are professional machines such as Gauss meter to measure, indicating that the direction of magnetization, making the error can be ignored, and ordinary magnetite production process rough , For other errors do not calculate, so that the function can be greatly reduced.

In all aspects of the value of ferrite magnets are higher than ordinary magnets, and its strong magnetic force, stable resistance, the temperature of the fit, the hardness of the reliable, precise precision, and so are the advantages of ferrite magnets Where. So the price is slightly higher than the ordinary magnet is also a matter of course.

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