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Ferrite Magnets Direct Passivation
Aug 23, 2017

Ferrite Magnets Direct passivation

Ferrite is one of the main magnetic materials produced by the permanent magnet material factory. It contains a lot of metal materials such as neodymium and iron and is easy to rust. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the surface coating treatment of the permanent magnets. One of the best solutions.

Ferrite passivator for ferrite material, cast iron and powder metallurgy and other materials directly to the surface of the passivation, is a light yellow transparent liquid, specifically for the ferrite material of the development of magnetic materials Of the new efficient environment-friendly passivation indicators comply with RoHS directive, the pharmaceutical has a special buffer system, to overcome the workpiece surface and internal corrosion, passivation efficiency and stability.

The ferrite permanent magnet material is a permanent magnet material based on the intermetallic compound RE2FE14B. The ferrite has a very high energy product and the force, and the advantages of high energy density make the ferrite permanent magnet material in modern industry and electronic technology has been widely used, so that instrumentation, electro-acoustic motor, magnetic magnetization It is possible to miniaturize, reduce, and reduce the size of the apparatus.

The advantages of ferrite are cost-effective and good mechanical properties; the disadvantage is that the Curie temperature is low, the temperature characteristics are poor, and easy to corrode corrosion, must be adjusted by its chemical composition and surface treatment methods to be improved , In order to achieve the practical application requirements.

Sintered ferrite permanent magnetic materials are used in the powder metallurgy process, after melting the alloy made of powder and in the magnetic field pressed into the embryo, the embryo in the inert gas or vacuum sintering to achieve densification, in order to improve the magnet coercivity , Usually requires an aging heat treatment. The permanent magnet permanent magnet magnetic separator is made of high permanent coercivity and special permanent magnet, etc. It is composed of composite magnetic system, maintenance-free, strong magnetic force, long life, simple installation, easy to use, reliable operation, 35 kg of ferromagnetic material, the internal permanent magnet magnetic system life of more than 10 years. When the permanent magnet adsorption ferromagnetic material is more, the artificial use of non-magnetic scraper removal or removal of gloves, for continuous work, less iron occasions.

  Self-unloading permanent magnet permanent magnet separator is composed of high-performance permanent magnetic core, abandoned iron belt, gear motor, frame, roller and other components, and supporting the use of a variety of conveyor. Used to automatically remove 0.1-35 kg of ferromagnetic material from non-magnetic materials. Its internal magnetic circuit using computer simulation design, improve the dual-pole structure, to protect the machine in harsh environments without failure long-term operation.

  Dry-type magnetic permanent magnet remover is a kind of automatic removal of powder or massive non-magnetic materials in the iron removal device, its internal use of special resin cast, self-cooled fully sealed structure. Transparent depth, strong suction, dust, rain, corrosion resistance, in a very harsh environment can still reliable operation.

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