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AlNiCo Magnets Strong Resistance To Corrosion
Aug 08, 2017

AlNiCo Magnets Strong resistance to corrosion

What is cobalt permanent magnet?

1:17 cobalt magnet is also known as Sm2Co17. It is made of metal, cobalt, copper, iron, zirconium, by a certain proportion of ratio, after smelting, crushing, pressure, sintering, aging made of magnetic materials. The maximum magnetic energy range of each grade is between 20-32 and the maximum working temperature is 350 ℃. Since 2:17 has lower temperature coefficient and better corrosion resistance, magnetic properties exceed NdFeB magnets at high temperature, so it is Widely used in aerospace, military fields, high temperature motors, automotive sensors, all kinds of magnetic drive, magnetic pumps, microwave devices.

Cobalt magnet is the second generation of rare earth permanent magnet, mainly divided into 1: 5 type (SmCo5) and 2:17 type (Sm2Co17) two. Its main features are high magnetic properties, good temperature performance. The maximum operating temperature of up to 250-350 degrees Celsius. Compared with NdFeB magnets, cobalt magnets are more suitable for working in high temperature environments. Very suitable for the manufacture of a variety of high-performance permanent magnet motor and the work environment is very complex applications. In addition, the cobalt magnet corrosion resistance is extremely strong, the surface generally do not need plating treatment. Since the main components of the cobalt magnet in the Earth's reserves are low, so the price is very expensive. Production Process:

Ingredients ----> Vacuum Melting ----> Molding ----> Molding ----> Sintering ----> Performance Testing ----> Machining ----> Cleaning --- -> inspection ----> packaging

Cobalt permanent magnet has high magnetic energy product and high coercivity, its magnetic properties are better than AlNiCo permanent magnet, ferrite permanent magnet, the maximum magnetic energy product up to 239kJ / m3 (30MGOe), AlNiCo8 permanent magnetic 3 times , Ferrite permanent magnet (Y40) 8 times, so SmCo permanent magnet permanent magnet components made of small size, light weight, stable performance, can be used for electro-acoustic devices, motors, measuring instruments, gyroscopes, electronic watches, microwave Devices, magnetic machinery, sensors and other static or dynamic magnetic circuits.

2, cobalt permanent magnet Curie temperature is high, the temperature coefficient is small, can be used at 300 ℃ high temperature.

3, cobalt permanent magnet hardness, brittleness, bending strength, tensile strength and compressive strength is small, should not be used as structural parts.

4, cobalt permanent magnet is the main component of metal cobalt (Co ≥ 99.95%), so the price is more expensive.

Key words of cobalt permanent magnet application design

1, according to the need to select different magnetic properties of cobalt magnets. 2, if you want cobalt permanent magnet to be used at high temperatures, you need to consider two key magnetic properties: the reversible temperature coefficient (eg αBr) and the intrinsic coercivity Hcj. The reversible temperature coefficient is a measure of the change of the permanent magnet material at temperature. When the temperature returns to the starting temperature, the magnetic properties of the permanent magnet material will reversibly return to the magnetic properties at the beginning. But the smaller the temperature coefficient, the magnetic properties are correspondingly decreased. At the same time, with the temperature changes, the magnetic properties of permanent magnetic materials also irreversible changes, known as irreversible losses. The higher the intrinsic coercivity, the less the irreversible loss. 3, cobalt permanent magnet in the application design also need to consider the size of permanent magnet design is appropriate. In general, since the demagnetization curve of the SmCo permanent magnet is nearly linear, and the residual magnetic induction intensity Br and the coercive force Hcb are numerically different, the operating point (Pc value) should be selected in the vicinity of the maximum magnetic energy product Aspects can make full use of magnetic energy, on the other hand can save costs. Design reference: 0.5≤Pc≤1.4, cobalt permanent magnet is a functional material, should not be designed as a structural part, and therefore should not have the same size requirements with the structural parts. 5, cobalt permanent magnet has a strong corrosion resistance, which does not require surface treatment.

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