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AlNiCo Magnets Rare Earth Magnets
Sep 12, 2017

AlNiCo Magnets Rare earth magnets

Samarium cobalt magnet

    The samarium cobalt magnet is a kind of rare earth magnet, which is made of samarium, cobalt and other rare earth materials. The samarium cobalt magnet has been around for over forty years and it has been widely used, such as used in aerospace, defense industry, motor, magnetic crane and so on. In the application at the same time, we should pay attention to the samarium cobalt magnet hazards, as follows:

      1. SmCo magnet is easy to peel. When dealing with them, you must wear goggles.

      2. The impact of the magnet may cause the magnet to be crushed, which may cause a potential hazard.

   3. SmCo is made from a so-called sintering process, and all materials are sintered and are very likely to produce cracks inside. The magnet does not have mechanical integrity and only has the function of preparing magnetic fields. Therefore, it is necessary to design a special mechanical system to give the overall system sufficient mechanical reliability. For many people, the magnet is the magnet Bale, how there are samarium cobalt magnet, samarium cobalt magnet is what? Samarium cobalt magnet, is a rare earth magnet, is made of samarium, cobalt and other rare earth materials by the ratio, dissolved into alloy, by crushing, pressure type, sintered after a magnetic tool material. It has many properties, its maximum magnetic energy product (BHmax), coercivity (coercivity) and temperature stability and chemical stability are more than NdFeB permanent magnet materials. SmCo magnet has a strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, samarium cobalt magnet used in many areas, such as aerospace, defense and other fields.

       The magnetic phenomenon of the cobalt magnet material has a critical temperature that occurs at this temperature. For ferromagnetism and samarium cobalt magnetic substances, this temperature is also called Curie temperature; for pyromagnetism, this temperature is called the Neil temperature. So how do you protect the magnetism of samarium magnets in use? It is precisely the grasp of the temperature.

1. Coating method

    Generally coated with some organic resin, silicone grease or some insulation moisture-proof material. Due to the coating material to be coated with solvent, the solvent to volatilize, leaving a lot of pores on the coating layer. Some of the coating material itself is hydrophilic, perennial, the water into the infiltration, resulting in NdFeB damp oxidation, so that its performance decreased.

2. Nanotechnology:

High density, the product almost no capillary channel, and can make the material growth. Therefore, it is ideal for moisture-proof, anti-oxidation methods. Change the shape of the product size, with the coating method and plating method of samarium cobalt magnet and NdFeB strong magnet products have a certain thickness of the surface, with mechanical measurements, such as with a thousand points card, you can measure the increased thickness; Nanotechnology method, can not measure the increase in the thickness of NdFeB products. Processing of products, high reliability, long service life. Coating and electroplating products, the use of a long time, may produce skin phenomenon, the product is exposed to the air, it may cause poor product. And nanotechnology will greatly reduce the incidence of this situation.

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