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AlNiCo Magnets Magnetic Material
Nov 03, 2017

AlNiCo Magnets Magnetic material

Samarium cobalt permanent magnetic material how to protect it?

The concept of samarium-cobalt magnetism includes any substance that exhibits magnetism without an external magnetic field. This concept is more precisely defined by the more profound understanding of different display magnetic substances and their magnetism. When all the magnetic ions in a material cell refer to its magnetic orientation, it is called samarium-cobalt magnetism. If only part of the magnetic field of ions pointing to the magnetic direction, then known as samarium cobalt magnetism. If the direction of their magnetic ions just offset each other, it is called anti-samarium cobalt magnetism. The magnetic phenomena of matter have a critical temperature at which temperature does not occur.

Samarium cobalt permanent magnet material, also known as magnetite, is the object around the material and its own magnetic field, both natural and man-made. Man-made samarium cobalt material is usually made of metal alloy, with strong magnetic. Some materials magnetized by the external magnetic field, even if the external magnetic field disappears, still able to maintain its magnetization state and has a magnetic, which is spontaneous magnetization.

What is SmCo permanent magnet?

1:17 SmCo magnets also known as Sm2Co17. Is made of metal samarium, cobalt, copper, iron, zirconium, after a certain ratio of ratio, after melting, crushing, pressing, sintering, aging made of magnetic material. The maximum energy product range of each grade is between 20-32 and the maximum working temperature is 350 ℃. Since 2:17 has a lower temperature coefficient and better corrosion resistance, its magnetic properties exceed that of NdFeB magnets at high temperature, Widely used in aerospace, military fields, high temperature motors, automotive sensors, all kinds of magnetic drives, magnetic pumps, microwave devices.

Samarium cobalt magnets are the second generation of rare earth permanent magnets, mainly divided into two types: 1: 5 (SmCo5) and 2:17 (Sm2Co17). Its main features are high magnetic properties, good temperature performance. The maximum working temperature up to 250-350 degrees Celsius. Compared with neodymium iron boron magnets, samarium cobalt magnets are more suitable for working in high temperature environment. Very suitable for the manufacture of a variety of high-performance permanent magnet motor and the work environment is very complex application products. In addition, samarium cobalt magnet strong corrosion resistance, the surface generally do not need plating. Samarium cobalt magnet as the main ingredient in the earth's reserves is low, so the price is very expensive. Production Process:

Ingredients ----> Vacuum Melting ----> Flour ----> Molding ----> Sintering ----> Performance Testing ----> Machining ----> Cleaning --- -> Inspection ----> Packaging

Samarium cobalt permanent magnet with high magnetic energy product and high coercivity, its magnetic properties better than AlNiCo permanent magnet, ferrite permanent magnet, the maximum energy product up to 239kJ / m3 (30MGOe), is AlNiCo8 permanent magnet 3 Times, ferrite magnets (Y40) 8 times, so the magnet made of SmCo permanent magnet small size, light weight, stable performance, can be used for electroacoustic telecommunications devices, electrical, measuring instruments, gyroscopes, electronic watches, Microwave devices, magnetic machinery, sensors and other static or dynamic magnetic circuits.

2, Curium cobalt permanent magnet Curie temperature is high, the temperature coefficient is small, can be used at 300 ℃ high temperature.

3, SmCo permanent magnet hardness, brittleness, bending strength, tensile strength and compressive strength of small, not as a structural member.

4, samarium cobalt permanent magnet is the main component of metallic cobalt (Co ≥ 99.95%), so the price is more expensive.

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