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4 Enterprises Of Ningbo Gang Up Against Patent Blockades
Jul 04, 2016

Daily News (reporter Hussam intern Zhou Linye correspondent Zhong Fa) 3 yearsago, rare-earth permanent magnet industry giant Japan Hitachi metal Corporationin the United States, 29 companies, including 3 Chinese enterprises, has launchedan "section 337 investigation case." This action forced domestic 7 hugs the rare earth permanent magnet company Union counterattack.

After 3 years of hard efforts, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, supports the applications of rare-earth Alliance, preliminary determination of Hitachi metals 2 core patent was invalid. This victory on the eve of Alliance 4 enterprises inNingbo and Hitachi metals abuse of market dominance, monopoly, to the Ningbointermediate court prosecution. Case trial yesterday

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