NdFeb Magnets

NdFeb Magnets have replaced other types of magnet in many applications in modern products that require strong permanent magnets, such as motors in cordless tools, hard disk drives and magnetic fasteners.
We manufactures sintered neodymium magnets in various shapes, such as disc, ring, rectangle, arc, ball and some other special shapes. The NdFeb Magnets is a permanent magnet having the strongest magnetic force up to now. Various shapes can be processed according to specific requirements: round, square, perforated, magnetic tile, magnetic bar, convex, trapezoidal, etc.
Despite these advantages, the surface is prone to rust, so some protective surface treatments are usually required: nickel plating, galvanizing, gold plating, epoxy plating, and the like.
Mainly used in electronics, electrical appliances, packaging, motors, toys, leather goods, automotive machinery and so on. NdFeB magnets have better mechanical properties than samarium cobalt magnets and AlNiCo magnets, making them easier to cut and drill and complex shape processing.
Our factory is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have quality NdFeb Magnets for sale. Welcome all the buyers around the world to contact with us.
  • NdFeb Disc Magnets

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    NdFeb Disc Magnets

    NdFeB disc magnets are used in a huge variety of applications, from use in Hall Effect Sensors and Reed Switches, through to clamping applications, office use, generator use, educational, etc. We can produce the NdFeB disc magnets in different sizes, different grades... Read More

  • NdFeb Rod Magnets

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    NdFeb Rod Magnets

    Professional in producing ndfeb rod magnets, Young Magnet is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have quality ndfeb rod magnets for sale. Please feel free to contact us. Neodymium Rod magnets NdFeB Rod Magnets NdFeB rod magnets are basically elongated... Read More

  • NdFeb Ring Magnets

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    NdFeb Ring Magnets

    NdFeB ring magnets are sometimes also known as discs with central holes. The NdFeB Rings Magnets exits in two styles – 'pure' rings and 'countersunk' rings. The holes are centrally located. The countersunk ring allows for the magnet to be screwed onto another item such that... Read More

  • NdFeb Block Magnets

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    NdFeb Block Magnets

    The ndfeb block magnets feature high coercivity, low reversible temperature coefficients and low weight loss. We can manufacture NdFeB products with low weight loss through continuous creation. So it can meet requirement of motor and other high-end field. Read More

  • Neodymium Rectangular Magnets

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    Neodymium Rectangular Magnets

    Neodymium Rectangular Magnets feature excellent resistance to demagnetisation, coated with three layers of nickel, copper and nickel to reduce corrosion and provide a smooth finish.These thin rectangular Neodymium magnets are axially magnetised between the two 75mm x 10mm... Read More

  • NdFeB 3M Adhesive Backed Magnets

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    NdFeB 3M Adhesive Backed Magnets

    There is a practical limit to size of the NdFeB 3M Adhesive Backed Magnets. This is because bigger magnets provide magnetic pull forces which will exceed the forces given by the adhesive to stick the magnets in place – the result would be that the force required to take the... Read More

  • Neodymium Adhesive Backed Magnets

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    Neodymium Adhesive Backed Magnets

    Neodymium magnets with adhesive backing are ideal for a wide range of applications, including door and cabinet latches, packaging, box closure, and folder and notebox clasps, purses, jewelrey, and more. ​All adhesive-backed Neodymium magnets provide high bonding strength... Read More

  • Bonded Ring NdFeb Magnets

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    Bonded Ring NdFeb Magnets

    Bonded Ring NdFeb Magnets achieve highest form tolerances, making a further shaping process unnecessary. During manufacturing, general tolerance levels are kept to ±0.05 mm. The bonded NdFeB-magnets themselves have a relatively high corrosive resistance to environmental... Read More

  • Bonded Ring Neodymium Magnets

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    Bonded Ring Neodymium Magnets

    Bonded Ring Neodymium Magnets are manufactured through the compression process. This process involves mixing neodymium powder with epoxy as a binder and pressing it into a die cavity with no magnetic field, thus making these magnets Isotropic. Pressed parts are then placed... Read More

  • Bonded Block NdFeb Magnets

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    Bonded Block NdFeb Magnets

    Bonded Block NdFeb Magnets are made of the powerful Nd-Fe-B material mixed into an epoxy binder. The mix is appropriately 97 vol% magnet material to 3 vol% epoxy. The manufacturing process involves combining Nd-Fe-B powder with an epoxy binder and compressing the mixture in a... Read More

  • Bonded Block Neodymium Magnets

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    Bonded Block Neodymium Magnets

    Compression Bonded Block Neodymium Magnets are ideal for applications requiring tight tolerances and high magnetic strength. They are isotropic – so they may be magnetized in any direction – and the epoxy binder allows bonded magnets to be resistant to most industrial... Read More

  • Bonded Arc NdFeb Magnets

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    Bonded Arc NdFeb Magnets

    The size of the bonded magnets is high and the secondary processing is no longer required.Magnet surface by resin coating or nickel plating, can effectively improve its corrosion resistance. Thickness of Epoxy coating is about 10-25 microns, the surface is smooth, and it have... Read More

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