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Teach you to easily distinguish stainless steel
Jul 04, 2016

How to identify the authenticity of stainless steel? We know from the following aspects:

1. tag recognition: a lot of plays is stamped stainless steel supplies surface, for example, words such as 13~0, 18~8, short-term chromium content of digital products, nickel content in short line number at the back of the product. Like 13~0 said it contained only chromium nickel, commonly known as "stainless steel" and the 18~8 product contains chromium and nickel, which is stainless steel.

2. voices from the discriminant: tap on a stainless steel or "stainless steel" products, can also be used as a method of judging.

3. permanent magnet: real stainless steel are not attracted by magnets, "stainless steel" you can be attracted to magnets. Although the "stainless steel" stainless steel properties and differences, but in terms of its ability to resist corrosion, are superior to those of wrought iron and cast iron cookware.

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