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Secret of levitation
Jul 04, 2016

One of "the people" of success

More than 20 years ago, when the United States invented character Roy Harrigan in a small town to try to get a magnet firmly suspended in a magnet when, one physicist told him that it was a waste of time, because it goes against the fundamental laws of physics en Shao theorem. Harrigan is a self-taught high school graduates for College physics could learn nothing about, so physicists kind reminding him not to heart. Of course, as an outstanding inventor, he knew there was a lot of people tried various combinations of magnet, but failed to make a small magnet suspended in the air, so he does not intend to repeat them. However, why would these people fail? He noted that when a very close to a small magnet on the desktop when a small magnet on the same pole, air the small magnets will try to turn around small magnets repel each other into a mutual attraction with the desktop. If you solved the problem, the small magnet is expected to be stable in the air.

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