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Magnet application
Jul 04, 2016

And magnet applications-introduction

Magnet, commonly known as magnet, from atoms such as iron, cobalt, nickel, a material that can generate magnetic fields. According to its shape of different can is divided into square magnet, and cylindrical shaped magnet, and round tablets magnet, and ring magnet, and w shaped magnet,; according to its property of different can is divided into ND Iron Boron magnet, and SM cobalt magnet, and ferrite magnet,; according to its magnetic lasting sex different can is divided into permanent magnet and non-permanent magnet two species, which, permanent magnet also can called natural magnet, has permanent of magnetic, and non-permanent magnet only in some conditions Xia only appeared magnetic. At present, the magnets in the industrial, military, medicine, astronomy and other fields have a wide range of applications,

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