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How do I reverse the polarity of a magnet?
Jan 01, 2019

This answer might prove disappointing, but if the magnet is a dipole, then you would have to reorient the magnet 180 degrees.  If it's a monopole, then you would have to get another monopole magnet with the opposite polar orientation to the magnet you have (if your magnet is +, then you would have to get a magnet that is -).  

If you are talking about molecular realignment, then that's a whole new ball of wax (pun intended).  I'm currently conducting some research into electromagnetism and the ElectroWeak force, but if I am not mistaken, any molecular arrangement may be altered by use of heat (or cold) and some other force. A blacksmith uses heat and the force of a hammer to align molecular structures within iron.  It may be reasonable to conclude that similar treatment to a magnetic material may accomplish similar results, but I cannot verify that.  

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