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China rare earth industry reached international advanced level of technology
Oct 23, 2016

International Online reports: Rare earth is the automotive, electronics, IT, new energy, aerospace and other emerging areas of strategic focus of support materials, to support the development of new industries has an irreplaceable role. Important as the field of Chinese rare earth research and development institutions, Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute rare earth metals and alloys industry, technology has reached the international advanced level. Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute is an important area of ​​Chinese rare earth research and development organization, said hospital spokesman Zhang Shirong, after ten years of technological breakthroughs, the Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research of high quality rare earth metals and alloys industry, technology reached the international advanced level: "We have successfully developed a high-quality international advanced level of preparation of rare earth metals and alloys industry technology, breaking the monopoly of the developed technology, promote the restructuring of China's rare earth industry, for the strategic development of new industries to provide material protection . "
Ultra-thin notebooks, sleek mobile phone, fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles, these high-tech products are inseparable from rare earth materials. Rare is the 17 elements referred to, is essential for many sophisticated industrial raw materials, the "industrial vitamins" and "the mother of new materials" in the world.

According to reports, Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute under the National Engineering Research Center for Rare Earth materials, a total of 300 rare scientific and technological achievements, to apply for Chinese patents and nearly 180 international patents, domestic and foreign large rare earth companies to transfer more than 70 advanced technology for the establishment of Chinese rare earth industrial system and the world made outstanding contributions to the development of rare earth application.

Application of rare earth rare earth magnetic materials is one of the priority areas, the international cutting-edge technologies competing for the strategic high ground. As the leader in magnetic materials, neodymium (female voice)-Fe-B magnets on the computer hard drives, hybrid vehicles and wind motors and other high-tech products is essential. Zhang Shirong said, the nineties, the Japanese invented the preparation of rare earth magnets are required for high-end core technology NdFeB Magnet thin quick-setting technologies, and has been blocking the export of technology. Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute after several years of technological breakthroughs, the industry in 2005 to master the technology, forcing foreign companies began to shift production to China. Currently, the use of the production of rare earth magnets have been widely used in hybrid cars, inverter air conditioner, IT and other high-tech fields.

Zhang Shirong said: "At present, China NdFeB thin quick-setting capacity of more than Japan, nearly 10 million tons / year. This breakthrough technology has also led to improved performance rare earth magnets, into a number of high-tech fields and our products in 2007 began to go abroad, then export the product accounted for only about 1% of the international market is expected to reach 40% by 2011. "

China is the world recognized the country's largest rare earth resources, large reserves of rare earth, all minerals. After nearly 50 years of development, China has become the world's largest rare earth producer, consumer and exporter, the separation of rare earth smelting products production has accounted for more than 90% of the world's total. However, the consequent excessive consumption of resources and environmental pollution also showed rapid growth, China rare earth industry as a constraint to the development of the "bottleneck."

Separation process for rare earth ore smelting pollution problems exist, Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute has developed a series of rare earth extraction technology, from the source to eliminate the "ammonia" water pollution problems, and significantly reduce production costs. As of 2010, the total to eight technology companies on technology transfer, direct savings over 72 million yuan, 1.35 million tons waste reduction. National Engineering Research Center for Rare Earth Materials Director, Professor Li Hongwei, said rare earth green mining and metallurgical green hospital will remain the focus of future research areas: "We have a very desirable goal, is to refine and implement the full cycle of the process, we move in this target efforts to reduce emissions first, followed by reducing the use of some raw materials, recycling volume will more and more, gradually approaching the whole cycle, emissions will be less and less. "

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